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I don't think anyone really knows. Most witches, or supposed witches were actually hanged. Today there are witch-hunt going on in the Middle East of women being accused of witchcraft and being sentenced to death for it. Read for up to date information on pagan news around the world.

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The most well known time period of witch hunting in Europe and North America was 1480-1750 AD. It is estimated that in this period almost 40,000-60,000 executions were carried out in the name of witch hunting and it was legally sanctioned as well during this time.

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Q: When was the last witch burned?
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How do you catch a witch by James the 1st?

They where burned at the stake

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What could happen to a Salem witch?

Usually burned at stake

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Margaret Stevenson Scott?

Was my 8th great grandmother who was burned at the stake in 1691 in Salem Oregon Margaret Stephenson/Stevenson Scott is also my ancestor but history indicates that she was either the last of one of the last to be executed during the Salem Witch Trials. She was not burned, she was, unfortunately, hanged on 22 September 1692.

What were the punishments for being a witch?

If you are in England then you burned at the stake. If in the US then you where hanged.

Whichfrench heroine was burned at stake having been tried for witchcraft?

Joan of Arc was tried as a witch and burned at the stake.

What is the witch burnings?

The witch burnings were a period of time from 1480 to 1750 where women were accused of being witches and burned at stake.

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none....they were all hanged.

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