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In 1964!

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Q: When was the law passed to stop segregation against blacks?
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When was the law passed to stop segregation?

In 1964 Congress passed a new Civil Rights Act, designed to prohibit segregation.

Why did Martin Luther King Jr start the civil rights business?

He started it because he was a freedom fighter and wanted to stop segregation against blacks and whites.

What is a good sentence for the word segregation?

Martin Luther King Jr. helped stop the segregation of blacks and whites in the south.

Did the Kennedy administration ever use federal troops to stop discrimination against the blacks?

No. Kennedy was working on getting the civil rights act passed, but he died before he could get it done. LBJ got it passed.

How did the boycott end segregation in Montgomery?

it showed that everyone was the same so people stop thinking differently of blacks and whites

Why did Arkansas governor orval faubus try to stop blacks students from attending central high school?

because he does not want integration, in another words he does not want the blacks to go in the school because he supports segragation and he believes that blacks and whites should not be together

Is it because of Rosa Parks that the segregation stop?

The segregation did stop because of Rosa Parks

In 1990 an Act was passed to stop discrimination against what?

People with disabilities

How do you explain segregation?

segregation was a time when people would be separated from the whites because of their culture or because of their skin color and the whites would have the blacks as slaves still in Texas they still believe in segregation.

When segregation has stop?

Segregation is a bad thing. The WikiAnswers person that wrote before me wrote something not very nice, stating that Whites will always hate blacks. In fact, One of my best friends in black, why does it matter if they're skin is different? What is one day you're friend came in with a permanent black tattoo on her skin, would you hate her?? I don't think so, so stop segregation!!

What motivated Nelson Mandela to want to make a change?

He wanted to stop apartheid (racism against the blacks)

As late as 1990 an Act was passed to stop discrimination against?

People with disabilities