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In 1916 the Military Service Act was introduced - this was soon nicknamed the "Batchelor's Bill" as to start with conscription only included unmarried men between 18 and 41. But it was widened in May 1916 to include married men as well. By April 1918, it had been expanded to include men up to 51.

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Women's military conscription:

(extract from "conscription" in February 2008)

Some countries that draft women include Cuba, Israel, North Korea, Libya, and Eritrea. In 2002, Sweden's government asked the army to consider mandatory military service for women. Some have considered the practice of excluding women from the draft unfair, because they feel it goes against principles of equality. Some simply argue that women can be militarily useful, and that excluding them places an unnecessary limit on resources. During World War II, women were drafted into the armed forces of the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. The USA came close to drafting women into the Nurse Corps in preparation for a planned invasion of Japan, but the end of hostilities made that unnecessary.

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Conscription was not introduced in 1914, it was only introduced in 1917 because the number of volunteers dropped dramatically between 1916 and 1917. Due to this drop, the government had to introduce the law of conscription in Canada. Before 1917 men were eager to volunteer, but come 1917 they just lost all eagerness and stopped volunteering. In short, conscription was only introduced in 1917 due to the lack of Canadian volunteers.

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Q: When was women's conscription introduced?
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Why was conscription introduced in 1915?


Why was conscription introduced in the Vietnam war?

It wasn't introduced in Vietnam, it existed since WWII.

What was the German conscription law in 1935?

Hitler introduced conscription to get men from aged 19 to sign up for the army.

Could you choose what you did if conscription was introduced?

If conscription was introduced you would probably not get to choose what you would do. Selection would likely take place like it is now, based on testing to see where a person would likely excel.

Which Australian prime minister introduced conscription in 1916?

This was William 'Billy' Hughes.

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Womens 10m platform diveing was introduced in the 1912 Olympics

When conscription was introduced in World War 1 and who would have been exempt?

In 1862 congress introduced what militia law?

In 1862, Congress introduced a militia law that required states to use conscription, which is the drafting of people for military services.

When was conscription used in Australia during the Vietnam War?

Conscription was introduced in Australia by the Holt Government due to the National Service Act passed in 1964. This continued until 1971 when Australia pulled out of the Vietnam War.

Which political party was in power and who was the Prime Minister who introduced conscription in World War 2?

Conscription was introduced in Britain by the predominantly Conservative government of Neville Chamberlain in April 1939, a few months before the start of WW2. There was some opposition at the time to introducing compuslory military service in peace time.

When did Hitler reintroduce conscription?

In March 1935 Hitler reintroduced compulsory military service for all able bodied men reaching age 19.

How did the democrats react to the militia law introduced by congress in 1862?

In 1862 Congress introduced a millitia law that required states to use CONSCRIPTION, wich is the draftingof people for military service.