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when wasnt the federal government not prepared to dictate to the south

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Q: When wasn't the federal government prepared to dictate to the south?
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Why did the south fear it would lose power in the federal government?

Because the federal government would abolish slavery.

What kind of government did the north and south want in the 1800's?

The north wanted a federal government and the south wanted a state government

What was the federal government's plan to reform rebuild the south?

The federal governments plan to reform the South was by reconstruction. This was an attempt to rebuild and better the South.

What was the group that wanted the federal government to force change in the south?

Radical Republicans wanted the Federal Governenment To force change in the South

Did South Carolina want federal taxes in the 1800s?

No, it did not because it felt that the federal government was "favoring" the north.

What is South Dakota's government?

The structure of the government of South Dakota is based on that of the federal government, with three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. The structure of the state government is laid out in the Constitution of South Dakota, the highest law in the state.

Powers hinted at by the constitution and belong to federal government?

South Side

How did the south feel about federal government?

Too powerful and too intrusive.

Why did the Federal government have to send troops to the south after the civil war?


What disagreement did South had with the federal government in the mid 1800's Civil War?

Deeply ingrained racial prejudice and enhanced resentment of the north, is clear that the south was a somewhat intractable problem for the federal government.

How did the South keep railroads construction costs down?

a. it used prison labor and lobbied the federal government

What are the 3 main parts of the New South Wales government?

federal state local