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The separation of powers is called Checks and Balances in the constitution. They are Articles number 1,2,& 3. You can see by the fact that they are 1,2,& 3 how important our founding fathers felt that not giving one branch of government too much power was. So you can see that this concept was originally created in the U.S. Constitution at the very beginning of the founding of our country. Famous Frenchman Montesquieu believed in separating the powers of government and having Checks and Balances. I am sorry I can not elaborate more on the question.

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Q: When were the three branches of government created?
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How is the us government different from governments in other democratic nations?

the united states created three main branches of government

How many branches of government were created by the North Carolina Constitution?

There were three branches of Government created by the NC state constitution.

What name of the plan created the three branches of government?

I am not sure

What are the three branches of alaska?

The State government is divided into three specific entities that were established by the Alaska Constitution. The three branches that were created are the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches.

Compare and contrast the three branches of the Arizona state government with the three branches of the federal?

Compare and contrast the three branches of the Arizona state government with the three branches of the federal government.

What agreement created three separate branches of government?

The US Constitutional Convention was ratified in 1789. This "agreement of sorts" laid the foundation of the US having three separate branches of government in the Federal government.

How did baron de montesquieu influence the government?

He created the three branches of government - Judicial, Legislative, Executive.

What did the consititution create?

The Constitution created the three branches of government - Legislature, Executive, and Judicial.

Are the three branches of Government unlimited?

Constitutional limits exist for all three branches of government.

Why do we have branches of government?

The Founding Fathers wanted to establish a system of checks and balances. They created the three branches so that a single branch could not take over the government.

Why were the three branches of government created legislative executive and judicial?

They were created to enforce laws unpon the antifederlists and the federalists.

The three branches of government are who?

The three branches are executive, legislative, judicial.