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The Philadelphia Convention, also known as the Constitutional Convention, took place from May 25 to September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

The convention convened in the Pennsylvania State House on Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th Streets. George Washington was unanimously elected as president of the convention.

In late July, the convention appointed a Committee of Detail to draft a document based on the agreements that had been reached. After another month of discussion and refinement, a second committee, the Committee of Style and Arrangement, headed by Gouverneur Morris, and including Hamilton, William Samuel Johnson, Rufus King, and Madison, produced the final version, which was submitted for signing on September 17. Morris is credited now, as then, as the chief draftsman of the final document, including the stirring preamble.

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The US Constitution was not made in Philadelphia but in Annapolis.

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Q: Where In Philadelphia was the U.S. Constitution made?
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What state was the constitution made?

The state the Constitution was made is in Philadelphia.

Where and when was the Constitution?

The Constitution was made in Philadelphia in 1787

Where was The US Constitution born?


Was the US Constitution created by the founders?

The US Constitution was not created by the Founders. The US Constitution was written by delegates who attended the Philadelphia Convention.

Where was the constitution made?

The Constitution was written in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was written.

Was the US Constitution written in Delaware or Philadelphia?

Philadelphia. The convention was held there. Philadelphia. The convention was held there.

The city where the constitution was written?

Its was written in Philadelphia. ME is stanley :3

In 1787 represetnatives of the US States met in Philadelphia and wrote?

The US Constitution.

Where was the US Constitution sighned?

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Who enacted the constitution?

The Constitution delegates enacted the US Constitution in 1788 at the Philadelphia convention. 39 of the 55 delegates ratified the Constitution.

When was the writing of the US Constitution?

The United States Constitution was writtenin 1787 during the Philadelphia Convention

Why was Philadelphia chosen for the writing of the constitution?

it used to be the US capital back then