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Back then it was very rare for the bodies of the dead to be shipped back to their country of origin unless they were of high rank and distinction. Therefore, the remains of British soldiers and their allies can be found anywhere they engaged American forces during the war.

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Q: Where are British soldiers buried that fought in the American Revolution?
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What does Xavier Cathedral have to do with the American Revolution?

Xavier Cathedral (Old Cathedral) in Vincennes, Indiana, is a church where people who fought in the Revolutionary War were buried, most from the Battle of Vincennes on February 23, 1779.

Name the three stages of the American Revolution?

The three stages of the American Revolution were 1775-1776 in Boston, 1776-1778 in New York/ Pennsylvania, and the final stage being 1778-1781 in the southern regions. The third stage of the American Revolution was caused by crazy deranged Nazi zombies from the future. These zombies duel wielded plasma rifles and were claiming that the south was hiding "Master Chief" from them, so they must all die a painful death. Luckily for the Americans, the Nazi zombies killed all the British, causing the Americans to win. This is a lesser known fact buried deep in the history books of today.

Who was the spy that was captured and hung by the British in the revolutionary war?

During the American War for Independence, British Major John AndrÉ is hanged as a spy by U.S. military forces in Tappan, New York. But, many people think that it was really Benedict Arnold. The truth is that Arnold could not be found, for he was the one who was going to get hanged originally. They could never find Arnold, so they hung Andre instead.

Where was General William Howe buried?

He was buried in Twickenham, England

Founding fathers buried in Boston?

Ben Franklin is buried in Philadelphia,PA and Samuel Adams is buried in Boston, MA. Alexander Hamilton is buried in New York, NY. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and James Madison are buried at their estates in VA.

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How many allied troops buried at Normandy?

A total of 32,807 Allied soldiers are buried in Normandy's war cemeteries. - 17,769 British, 9,386 American, 5,002 Canadian and 650 Poles.

What has the author Sarah Grace Heilman Ticusan written?

Sarah Grace Heilman Ticusan has written: 'An index to Roster of soldiers and patriots of the American Revolution buried in Indiana, published by the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution, 1938' -- subject(s): Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution. Indiana, Genealogy, History, Indexes, Registers

What did the xavier cathedral have to do with the American revolution?

The people who fought in the ameican revolution were buried there.

How many french soldiers from the Civil War are buried in US?

There were no french in the civil war their are some in the revolution though.

What really is the Normandy American Cemetery?

The Normandy American Cemetery is the military cemetery where soldiers that lost their lives and buried there.

Can you get a list of the US Soldiers buried at the American Military Cemetery St Laurent?

Yes, from the American War Graves Commission.

Where are the Anzac soldiers buried?

Anzac soldiers had been buried in a special grave.

World War 2 American soldiers buried in France?

Over 66,000. Buried in 7 different cemeteries in France, Belgium, Holland , and Luxemburg.

Is an Iraqi national buried in Arlington?

No. Arlington national cemetery is for American Soldiers who died defending their country.

How many France soldiers from World War 2 are buried in France?

the answer is 66,033 soldiers are buried there

Why is Patton buried in Luxembourg?

He wanted to be buried with his soldiers

Where are US soldiers buried after they're died in battle?

Traditionally soldiers are sent to their native country to be buried. However I do know that most of the American soldiers that fell in France are buried there.