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You can find steppe in parts of the Mediterranean (typicaly the dryer parts) like Sicily Spain... In North America, places like Reno Nevada, and central parts of California. There is also steppe in Argentina. (hope this helps)

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Q: Where are the steppes located?
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What has the author Edmund Steppes written?

Edmund Steppes has written: 'Edmund Steppes (1873-1968)'

In which continent is Steppes?

The Steppes are primarily located in Asia, although they also extend into parts of Eastern Europe. They are characterized by vast grasslands with few trees and have been historically inhabited by nomadic tribes.

How do you call grasslands in Eurasia?

They are called Steppes

What is the meaning of steppes?

the grasslands found in europe is called steppes.

What are the prairie regions of Europe?

The prairie regions of Eastern Europe are defined as steppes and are located near the Black Sea.

What is a good sentence for the word steppes?

Wild horses roam these steppes.

Where steppes are found?

the Steppes are found across the continent of Russia. They are a rolling grassland.

When did Battle of Steppes happen?

Battle of Steppes happened on 1213-10-13.

How does the climate of Turkey's coastal areas differ from that of its steppes?

Steppes get more rainfall

How do you use the word steppes in a sentence?

The wild horses ranged widely throughout the steppes. I found a nice little lake over there, near the steppes.

What is the major difference between deserts and steppes?

Steppes receive greater annual rainfall

WHat is a homophone for steps?

A homophone for steps is "steppes," which refers to large, treeless grasslands.