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US citizens' rights are written down in the Bill of Rights. This is the name given to the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution.

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Q: Where are us citizens rights written down on?
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What was written to guarantee the basic rights of US citizens?

The Bill of Rights was written to established basic human liberty and rights.

The Bill of Rights does what?

Grants basic rights to US citizens.

Why does the US have a Bill of Rights?

It tells the rights of the U.S. citizens, and what they have the right to do. It gives the citizens some power.

Who places limitations on Congress when it comes to the rights of the citizens?

The Bill of Rights places limits on Congress when it comes to the rights of US citizens.

What does it mean to be an American citizen in view of the history of rights and the Federal Constitution of US?

The US constitution confers no rights to Americans as citizens. It does however, do so for US citizens.

Whose rights are guaranteed by the US Bill of Rights?

U.s. Citizens

What do the bill of rights do for us?

It provides basic freedom and expands our rights as citizens

Rights guaranteed to all us citizens?

Rights guaranteed to all US citizens include freedom of speech, of press, and of assembly. They are also guaranteed the freedom of religion. US citizens have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

What does the US Bill of Rights offer?

Basic freedoms to US citizens.

Which amendment established the rights of citizens?

Several amendments to the US Constitution describe rights of citizens, individually or in groups.

What is constituion?

a document that tells us our freedoms and lays down laws that are beneficial to our rights as humans and citizens

Why is the bill of rights do important to us as citizens?

because it is good to know