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The 48 Laws of Power is a book that was written by Robert Greene. One can read the book if interested but it has been found that there is a documented listing of the 48 Laws of Power available on the "Tech Purdue Edu" website.

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Q: Where can a person find a full list of the 48 laws of power?
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I am trying to find what the name for a person job between a security guard and police officer?

It is unknown what it is that you are looking for. Security guards and private security agents have no power to enforce any laws and police officers are sworn law enforcement officers with full authority to enforce all criminal laws. There is NO in-between.

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the person is called mps and they are the ones who come up with them and then they become official laws they have that power because the Governor general has the power to do that

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Legislature, executive and judiciary are the 3 systems or arms of power. The legislature (parliament) has the power to make or change laws. The judiciary (court) has the power to make judgements on if a person has broken a law or not. The executive eg. police, have the power to enforce laws. Neither of these arms of power can misuse their powers. eg. the legislature cannot decide if a person is guilty or not, neither can the judiciary enforce laws.

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The power of judicial review of the laws. The power to act to redress injustice to one particular entity or person.

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