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...ehheheh makikita ito sa kapuluan ng visayas at matatagpuan sa lalawigan ng negros orriental at negros occidental...

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ty very much

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Q: Where can find bundok kanlaon?
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Saan matatagpuan ang bundok kanlaon?

saan sa negros matatagpuan ang bulkang kanlaon

Ilang bundok meron sa pilipinas?

Bundok ApoBundok BanahawBundok MakilingBundok PulagBundok IrigaBundok ArayatBundok Kanlaon-- sana nakatulong ako sainyo :))

Hindi po chocolate hills iyon bundok kanlaon?

Hindi chocolate hills ang mt. kanlaon.. mt. kanlaon is variously reffered as canlon or kanla-on (canlaon..) isa sa aktibong bulkan dito sa negros occidental sa pilipinas at parte ng pacific ring of fire... :) .. i hope natulangan kita with this little information..

What is the highest mountain in visayas?

The highest mountain in the Visayas region of the Philippines is Mount Kanlaon, located in Negros Island. It stands at an elevation of approximately 8,087 feet (2,465 meters) above sea level.

Who is the author of the story The Legend of Mt. Kanlaon?

There is no one author of The Legend of Mt. Kanlaon. It is a folk story, retold time after time.

When does the last time that kanlaon volcano erupted?

it was 2012

Mga bulkan sa visayas?

bulkang kanlaon

When did the legend of kanlaon happen?

july, 34 1898

Height of bundok pulog and bundok apo?

gaga si tricia

Was he the author of the legend of mt kanlaon?

The authorship of the legend of Mt. Kanlaon is not definitively attributed to a single person. It is a traditional tale that has been passed down through generations in the Visayan region of the Philippines, where Mt. Kanlaon is located. It is likely that the story has evolved over time through oral tradition.

What is the plot of the legend of mt kanlaon?

ambot unsay answer...palumaluma

When was the last eruption of Mount kanlaon or Mount canlaon?