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There are many readable copies of the Declaration of Independence online, for anyone to view. It can be found by going to Google, and searching "Declaration of Independence" and then go to the Wikipedia site, it tells everything about this.Ê

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Q: Where can you find a clear readable version of the declaration of independence online?
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Where can you go to see the Declaration of Independence?

You can go to google and search online declaration of independence. It is very long about twenty minutes though. :3 (mustace man!)

Where can someone find information on the Declaration of Independence?

The National Archives of the United States has an excellent online articles about the Declaration of Independence. The document is housed at the National Archives, and they are the most trusted source for information about it.

Who did the US declare independence from?

The Declaration of Indpendence is widely available online. It is not a long document. Read it.

How do you cite the Declaration of Independence in APA format?

Assuming you get the document online, cite in text the author last name, if available, or web site name and year; example: The Declaration of independence (as cited in Storm, 2009) states....... In references, cite as follows: Storm, Z. (2009, January 10). The Declaration of Independence. Retrieved July 13, 2009, from

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When can the people abolish their government in the declaration of independence?

When in the course of human events a whole bunch of bad stuff happens, involving things like trampling on human rights and taxation without representation. Read the Declaration for details, it's not really that long, and it's readily available online.

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