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George Washington never lived in the White House, as it had not yet been built when he was President. After his term in office, he returned to his home at Mount Vernon, VA.

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Q: Where did George Washington Live after he wasn't in the White House any longer?
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Did George Washington grow hemp at the White House?

No - George Washington never lived in the White House.

How long did George Washington Stay in the White House?

The White House was completed after George Washington left office.

Did Washington ever live in the White House?

George Washington did not live in the White House. never

Did George Washington built the White House?

George Washington and Pierre L'Enfant picked the site for the White House. The architect chosen to build the White House was James Hoban.

Was it possable for George Washington to play a piano in the White House?

Yes, it is very well possible that George Washington could have played the piano in the White House. In fact, George Washington bought a piano for the White House shortly after his inauguration.

Did George Washintion live in the White House?

No. The White House was not finished wen George Washington was president.

Did George Washington serve in the White House?

No, the White House had not been built.

Where was George Washington White House office?

George Washington never occupied the White House (then known as the Executive Mansion), instead working in New York.

In the White House what room did George Washington's ceremony take place in after the wedding?

The White House did not exist during Washington's Presidency

Who was resposible for building the white house?

George Washington

Who chose where the white house was Located?

George Washington =)

Who chose the site of the White House?

George Washington