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Isadora Duncan, the worldwide famous dancer, was born in San Francisco, California, and that's the place she spent her early years, until she was 11, when her parents divorced and her mother took her and her sister to Oakland.

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Q: Where did Isadora Duncan grow up?
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What is the birth name of Isadora Duncan?

Isadora Duncan's birth name is Angela Isadora Duncan.

How tall is Isadora Duncan?

Isadora Duncan is 5' 6".

Isadora Duncan. Who were her children and when did they die?

Duncan and Isadora never had chrildren they are brothers and sisters. if you think duncan and Isadora die your wrong.

What is Isadora Duncan's birthday?

Isadora Duncan was born on May 27, 1878.

When was Isadora Duncan born?

Isadora Duncan was born on May 27, 1878.

Isadora duncan was know for?

Isadora Duncan was known for her incredible modern dancing abilities.

How many brothers and sisters does isadora duncan have?

Isadora Duncan was the youngest child in a household of four children: Augustin Duncan, Raymond Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan and obviously Isadora.

Where is Isadora Duncan buried?

Isadora Duncan was cremated, and her ashes were placed in the columbarium of Pere Lachaise Cementary in Paris, to be precised.

When did isadora duncan dance?

it is her dream

How did Isadora Duncan dress?

Isadora Duncan was very famous for wearing long flowing scarfs, even though they were the cause of her tragic death!!

Did isadora duncan go to school?


Where was Isadora Duncan from?

born in San Fransisco