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Selena was shot at the Days Inn Corpus Christi-Airport At I-37

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Q: Where did Selena get shot at?
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What year was Selena Perez shot?

Selena was 23 years old when she was shot.

Who shot Mexican singer Selena gomez?

Her name was not Selena Gomez it was Selena Quintanilla, and her Boutique manager Yolanda shot her.

Why was Selena shot?

Selena was shot at cause of a fight that was going on between yolanda and Selena as Selena turned away to leave the room yolanda pulled out a gun and shot Selena

Selena was shot in heart or?

She did not get shot in her heart she got shot in her chest.

Where were Selena's parents when Selena was shot?

her dad and brother were in there recording studio waiting for Selena and her mom was at home

Has Selena Gomez ever been shot?

No, she has never been shot before.

Did Selena died?

yesss. she got shot :(

Who was the girl who shot Selena?

Yolanda Saldivar

Was selena Perez pregnant when she was shot?

no she was not pregnant

Where did Selena get shot?

Days Inn Motel

Why did clup president shoot Selena?

Yolanda saldivar shot Selena because she was jealous of her fame!

What happened to Selena's career?

Selena was shot and killed in 1995 and her life and career ended tragically