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Harvard University and considered a legal career.

from 8th grader Jon in NC >o<

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Q: Where did William Prescott go to school?
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How many children did William Prescott have?

Colonel William Prescott had one son - William Prescott Jr. who had two sons - William Hinkley Prescott and Edward Prescott.

What side was William Prescott on?

William prescott was on the patriots side

What group was William Prescott part of?

William Prescott was part of the American

Was William prescott related to Samuel prescott?

William is Samuel's Uncle

Who did Paul Revere go with on his ride?

William Dawes and Samuel Prescott.

Where did Samuel Prescott go to school?

his family taught him and other than that he didn't go to school

How were Samuel prescott and William prescott related?

William Prescott was the second cousin of Abel Prescott, the father of Dr. Samuel Prescott, so their relationship was second cousin once removed. Their common ancestors were John Prescott and his wife Mary Gawkroger who left Yorkshire for Lancaster, Massachusetts.

What is William H. Prescott's birthday?

William H. Prescott was born on May 4, 1796.

When was William H. Prescott born?

William H. Prescott was born on May 4, 1796.

Was Samuel Prescott related to William Prescott?

in DNA test, it is proven that willam prescott is Samuel prescott's uncle by blood.

When was Warren-Prescott School created?

Warren-Prescott School was created in 1965.

What has the author Dan F Prescott written?

Dan F. Prescott has written: 'A Prescott Path: A look at selected events and descendants of William Daniel Prescott; a son of Rev. Ephraim Prescott'