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where did geodic domes come from.

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Q: Where did geodesic domes originate?
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Did Romans use geodesic domes?

No they did not. The Romans made domes either with unreinforced concrete of in bricks. Geodesic domes are a modern invention.

Are all domes round?

Domes can be round, polygonal or Geodesic.

What type of architecural training did r buckminster fuller receive?

Geodesic Domes

Why are geodesic domes an important form of architecture?

cuzi dont know soo idcc

What special geometric forms were used to make the geodesic domes?

The polyhedron, upon which most geodesic domes are based, is the icosahedron. The icosahedron has 20 equilateral triangle faces. By subdividing the icosahedron face into smaller triangles, then "pushing" the triangle vertices outward (to the surface of a circumscribing sphere,) a more-complex triangulated polyhedron can be produced -- a "geodesic" sphere, or dome. By subdividing the icosahedron face into greater-and-greater numbers of smaller-and-smaller triangles, more complex geodesic spheres/domes are produced.

What is a real world example of a Geodesic dome?

The 'big ball' at Epcot in Orlando Florida, is a Geodesic sphere. The old dome-like playground equipment is based on the same structure as a geodesic dome. I've posted a couple of links about geodesic domes with some pictures.

Is geodesic domes stronger than round domes?

No, the strongest shape under gravity condition is the catenary dome. The strongest shape under pressure ( earth sheltered or water ) would be a sphere. Or an hemisphere. Which is still a way stronger than a geodesic. The geodesic has potential link for failure in each connections. It's might be easier to set up than a perfect hemisphere, but seriously, did you already see a geodesic dome in nature ? You might want to check ferrocement / monolithic domes if strength it the first issue.

What has the author Edward M Duke written?

Edward M Duke has written: 'A study of the geodesic dome applied to housing' -- subject(s): Housing, Bibliography, Geodesic domes

What are 3 famous geodesic domes?

The Montreal Biosphere in Canada, originally built for Expo 67, is a renowned geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. The Eden Project Biomes in the United Kingdom feature iconic geodesic domes housing diverse plant species from around the world. The Spaceship Earth attraction at EPCOT in Florida is another notable geodesic dome structure designed by Disney Imagineers based on Fuller's principles.

Who uses geodesic domes?

A geodesic dome is a spherical shape generally created using small triangles strategically places to make a round shape. One example of a geodesic dome is the Epcot Center in Disney World. They also have play grounds for children that are half spheres made from the triangles mentioned above that would technically qualify as a geodesic dome.

How many equilateral triangles in a geodesic dome?

The answer varies depending on the exact type of geodesic dome you are using. A 2 frequency and 4 frequency geodesic domes use 20 equilateral triangles despite the two-frequency having many more faces than the 2 frequency where the 3 frequency geodesic dome (150 sided) uses none at all. The above calculations, however, are only common to a certain architectural model. Assuming the domes are built mathematically instead of according to architectural integrity, the number of equilateral triangles in a "pure" dome, a geodesic sphere, is exactly equal to the number of faces, by definition.

What has the author William Yarnall written?

William Yarnall has written: 'Dome builder's handbook no. 2' -- subject(s): Design and construction, Geodesic domes