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Most food came mainly from hunting and gathering.

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Q: Where did most food come from eight thousand years ago?
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One of the oldest food stuffs around eight thousand years old - 4.5 million tons of which is made in the UK annually?


When did human beings first kill cows as a source of food?

50-40 thousand years ago

What crop was among those grown in America five thousand years ago?

Maize, also known as corn, was one of the crops grown in America five thousand years ago. It was a staple food for many indigenous peoples in the Americas.

What is agriculture revolution and when did it occur?

I belive it happened a few thousand years ago when people started to plant food and become self reliant on thier own food. They no longer needed to be nomadic and keep hunting for food. They now had a steady constant supply.

When were cows used for food?

Probably since the time when adam and eve were expelled from the garden they have been eating cows so roughly 6-8 thousand years

What does the song phenomenon by thousand food krutch mean?

there it is

How do you get an eight year old boy to love you?

You dont, they're 8 years old all they love is pizza, junk food, and video games

Who invented GM food?

People have been modifing food for thousand of years when putting animals that give alot of food with animals that dont and having kids that give more food. No one really invented GM food, many people did bu after discovery of DNA in 1953 GM foods where created more prefesionaly

Where the plant food come from?

most of the fruit we have to day came from China 3,000 years ago

Was bread invented in 1221?

Bread is a very ancient food for which neither the date or place of origin is known. Bread certainly was made for several thousand years before 1221 CE.

What is the history of Brunei?

thousand of years ago,people travelled by sea and sailed to borneo on canoes and rafts. they brought with them new kinds of food,tools,weapons and skills such as pottery andweaving.

How much food do sperm whales consume in a day?

They eat 2 thousand pounds of food a day