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Where did people have to work with great organization to be successful at farming?


on the Yellow River basin


on the Hangzhou Bay


on the Yangzi River basin


on the Hubei Basi

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Q: Where did people have to work with great organization to be successful at farming?
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Why was Aztec society successful?

The Aztec society was so successful because they were great at hunting, farming, trading, and building.

Why did Mohenjo-Daro considered one of the first great cities?

it was successful because of farming they used farming to help them grow and haD much food because they were isolated

How do people use the land of the great and central plains?


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Ask that Criminal too research the backgrounds, of most successful people.....Most successful people have a great education...........

During the Great Depression some people worked as tenant farmers?

Farming land that was owned by someone else.

Who were the most successful homesteaders?

The most successful were the people who didn't die and were able to create a life on the Great Plains.

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For many people success is measured by the jobs they have. If you have a great career, then you can reasonably consider yourself successful.

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The reason why charismatic leadership can hurt an organization is because of the great influence this style of leadership has on the followers and if the leader has a selfish mindset.

How did European farmers contridute to the success of farming on the great plains?

European farmers played a significant role in the success of farming on the Great Plains. They brought with them new agricultural techniques and technology, such as improved plows and machinery. They also introduced new crops that thrived in the region's soil and climate, such as wheat. Additionally, European immigrants established successful farming communities and shared their knowledge and experiences with other settlers, contributing to the overall growth and development of agriculture on the Great Plains.

What geographical features shaped chinas civilization?

The Great Wall of China.

What was important for successful settlement in the great plains?

Successful settlement in the Great Plains depended on access to water sources for irrigation, sturdy shelter to withstand harsh weather conditions, and knowledge of sustainable farming practices suited to the region's climate and soil. Additionally, cooperation with indigenous peoples already residing in the area was crucial for peaceful coexistence and trade.

What types of farming have been developed to prevent wind erosion in the Great Plains?

agricultural farming