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In 1608 the pilgrim fathers left England to America

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they left from England

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Q: Where did pilgrim fathers leave from?
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When did the pilgrim fathers leave Plymonth?

The pilgrim fathers left Plymonth in 1620 for search of America. On September 6th, 1920, 102 pilgrim fathers set sail for their epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Why did the pilgrim fathers leave holland?

The same as other pilgrims, because of being persecuted for their religion

When was Pilgrim Fathers Memorial created?

Pilgrim Fathers Memorial was created in 1957.

Why are the pilgrim fathers an important part of American history?

The Pilgrim Fathers were Protestant subjects of the English Crown. They worshipped as Christians.

Why did the Spaniards leave their country?

Same reason as the Pilgrim fathers: Religious tensions and the desire to have more land and therefore more money.

What is the name of the pilgrim fathers 's boat?

The Mayflower

What was the first Christian sect in America?

The pilgrim fathers were Puritan.

How long did it take the pilgrim fathers on their journey?

200000000 years

Who are the pilgrims fathers?

The Pilgrim fathers were individuals who were persecuted for their religion and sailed to the 'New land' of America in search of a new life.

What is another name the pilgrims used for dinner?

Pioneers or pilgrim fathers

Who founded the New England region?

The Pilgrim Fathers did.

When did Columbus land in Plymouth Rock?

No, that myth is attributed to the Pilgrim Fathers.