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on a chicken farmLOL

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Nova Scotia

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Q: Where did some Loyalists move after the American Revolution?
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Did some Loyalists move to Nova Scotia after the American Revolution?

Yes, 53,000 of them.

Where did some loyalists move after the America revolution?

The loyalists went back to Great Britain

How the loyalists felt about the American Revolution?

some were happy some were against it

What are some nicknames for the loyalists?

In the American Revolution, loyalists were sometimes called "Tories," after the British political party that favored tradition and conservatism.

When did the loyalists get kicked out?

If you mean the 'loyalists', which were pro-British colonists during the American Revolution, then they were never kicked out. Some were considered unpatriotic, which was only true in some cases, but most loyalists stayed in the colonies and were declared Americans after the war.

How were loyalist affected by the American revolution?

Loyalists were favoured by the British government, which did it's best to protect them, but they were still often harrassed (extensively) by rebels. After the outbreak of hostilities during the American Revolution, some loyalists joined militia units to fight for the Crown, while still others enlisted as regulars.

Why did Americans oppose the American Revolution?

Some Americans, called loyalists, still felt faithful to Britain and did not want to split from them.

Who are the patriots and loyalist in the American Revolution?

the patriots were Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, Molly Pitcher, James Lafayette, Abigail Adams and Ethan Allen. They were the traitors in the American Revolution.

What happened to the loyalist during the war?

There are loyalists in almost every war. Without specifying a war, this question is unanswerable. In some wars, like the American Revolution, loyalists experienced minimal recriminations and many decided to become citizens of the new republic. There were some instances where Loyalist business owners were attacked by revolting citizens, and subjected to such abuse as "Tarring-and-Feathering." In France, numerous loyalists were hunted down and executed during the French Revolution.

What are some slogans for loyalists?

For some letters and quotes from Loyalists before and during the American Revolution you should look up Jackson T. Main's Rebel Versus Tory: The Crisis of the Revolution, 1773-1776,orClaude H. Van Tyne's The Loyalists in the American RevolutionThese were big helps for me

For what reason did some people support the British government during the revolution?

They were Loyalists.

Explain why some African Americans were loyalists while others were patriots during the American revolution?

they believed the patriots would never win the war