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Cyclops are mythical (imaginary) creatures.

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Q: Where did the cyclops go when they leave?
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Where does Odysseus go after they leave Troy?

to the cyclops to the cyclops

Why did the cyclops pat Odysseus ram?

The cyclops was suspicious since the ram was usually the first to leave the cave, but in this case it was the last to leave.

Why did Odysseus refuse to listen to his mens request to leave?

In the second book the men wanted to steal food from the cyclops and leave but odysseus wanted to see the cyclops. (bad choice)

Why did Odysseus go to the cyclops polyphemus' cave?

Odysseus was curious about the type of men the Cyclops were.

Why didn't the other cyclopes help the blinded cyclops?

in the poem "the odyssey," Odysseus himself trys to be clever and tells the cyclops his name is Nohbdy. so when they stabbed the cyclops' eye, the cyclops shouted nobody has done this to me! But, when Odysseus is on his way to leave the island, he gloats and says "it is i Odysseus!"

Why does Odysseus refuse to leave instead of stealing from the cyclops and just getting away?

Odysseus refuses to leave because he wants to know the Cyclops' name. In Greek culture, knowing one's name gives you power over them. By staying, Odysseus hopes to learn the name of the Cyclops and use it to gain an advantage or seek revenge in the future.

How do Odysseus and his crew escape from the Cyclops?

Odysseus blinds the cyclops with a sharpened spear. They escape by attaching themselves to the bottom of the sheep. The cyclops is feeling the ground but does not hurt the sheep because he loves them. So when the Cyclops feels the tops of the sheep, he lets them go, letting Odysseus and his men go in the process.

Which school did Cyclops in the X-Men go to?

we dont know for sure, but we do know that when Xavier recruited him, Cyclops was taught at the Xavier Institute.

How does the Cyclops treat the men in Odysseus?

he doesnt really treat them bad because no one told Odysseus to go on and see the cyclops.

Which school did Cyclops in the X Men go to?

we dont know for sure, but we do know that when Xavier recruited him, Cyclops was taught at the Xavier Institute.

How do you go to cyclops lane?

you must pay with crowns or get the membership

Polyphemus the cyclops. What was his daily routine?

You must go to ORR.