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The Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution was written to limit the power given to the Federal Government and grant more sovereignty to the states. It was added as a compromise ensuring the Anti-Federalists would ratify the Constitution.

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Bill of Rights

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Q: Where did the first 10 amendments come from?
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What does the United States bill of Rights consist of?

are the bill of rights composed of ? amendments 11-26 or amendments 1-10 or amendments 1-26 or laws passes in 1776 ? The first 10 amendments are know as the Bills of Rights

The Bill of Rights contains the?

amendments 1-10

The Bill of Rights includes _________ amendments.?

The first 10 amendments

The bill of rights represents which Amendments?

The first 10 amendments

How many amendments the Bill of Rights?

there are the first 10 amendments

What do the first 10 amendments gurarantee?

The first 10 amendments guarantee people freedoms such as speech, petitions, and assembly.

What was the firsts 10 amendments to the constitution called?

Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments.

How many amendment to constitution part of the bill of rights?

First 10 amendments are the Bill of Rights.

What are the amendments to the US constitution called that spell out the personal rights of the people?

The first ten amendments are the "Bill of Right".

What is the bill of rigts?

It is the first ten Amendments to the Constitution of the US.

The bill of rights consists of how many amendments to the constitution?

The Bill of Rights consist of the first ten amendments.

Assembly that proposed the first 10 amendments?

In 1789, the first Congress proposed a set of twelve amendments, written by James Madison. As required by the Constitution, the amendments then went to the states. By December 1791, three fourths of the states had ratified 10 of the 12 amendments. These 10 amendments became known as the Bill of Rights.