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All over the United States

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In lexington

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Q: Where did the revelutionary war take place?
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What were both patriots and loyalists in at the start of 1776?

the revelutionary war

Are there any y words that have to do with the Revolutionary War?

Yorktown, the last battle of the revelutionary war.

What was the last battle of the revelutionary war?

The last battle of the revolutionary war was The Battle of Yorktown.

What was the main role of a woman in the revelutionary war?

Running businesses and home

Who was the commander of the French fleet during the revelutionary war?

some guy

What was eaten during the revelutionary war?

beans and that's pretty much it!

Who was the senior signer during the peace talks of the revelutionary war?

Benjamin Franklin

Who won the revelutionary war?

The American colonists defeated the British with the help of the French.

What year did the Revelutionary war start and end?

it started in 1775 and ended in 1783

What people helped the Americans win the revelutionary war?

The French, Dutch and Spaniards.

What patriot from Georgia was unusually tall?

My granddaughter is studing the Revelutionary war in school.

Who fired the first shot of the revelutionary war?

Joseph Bucklin shot the commander of the Gaspee.