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October 17, 1783 - General Cornwallis surrenders his arms to General Washington in Yorktown, Virginia.

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Q: Where did the surrender of the American Revolution occur?
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Where did the British surrender after the American Revolution?

the battle of Yorktown

Where did the final surrender of the british in the American revolution come at?


Site of the final british surrender that ended the American revolution?


What was the name of the site Cornwallis's surrender in the American Revolution?

Yorktown, Virginia.

Did the british surrender at the battle of saratoga?

Yes they did.

Did the American Revolution have to occur?

No, the American Revolution did not have to occur. If King George 111 did not put taxes on everything he thought that the colonists might need the Revolution would not have started.

At what battle did the English surrender in the American Revolution?

The British surrendered at Yorktown in 1781.

When did the American Revolution occur?

1775 to 1783

The American Revolution ended when George Washington forced the surrender of the British at?

yorktown virginia

Did Cornwallis' surrender end the American Revolution?

Yes. That's what we went over in Social Studies

The American revolution ended when the british surrenered here?


What year did the battle of Philadelphia in the American Revolution occur in?