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As a form of punishment for the rebellion against the North; southerners were requireed to stand everytime an American Flag passes them by.

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Q: Where did the tradition of standing and saluting the flag come from?
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i hve no idea!!

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What is an example of a customs?

Saluting the national flag of the countryis an example of a military custom.

What is an example of military custom?

Saluting the national flag of the countryis an example of a military custom.

What is an example of a military custom?

Saluting the national flag of the countryis an example of a military custom.

Did Obama ever answer the question about not saluting the flag in any interview?

One does not have to answer questions about non-events.

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Why is it important to salute our flag?

Saluting our flag is important because it symbolizes respect for our country, its values, and the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom. It serves as a reminder of our unity and shared identity as citizens. Saluting the flag is a way to express our gratitude and show honor to our nation.

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to show respect. also if you're saluting a person, you look at them, so if you salute a flag, you should look at it.

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The president has always shown respect to the flag. There are many internet myths that say he won't salute the flag, but these claims are false. You can easily find photos or videos online showing him saluting the flag, and he has always done so.

Why is the rebal flag bad?

Well first off it is not a rebel flag. The war was started of state's rights. The north wanted a centralized government with power to control all states. The southern states wanted to have primary power over their one laws. So that each region gonna dictate law according to what they felt was right not someone 5000 miles away. There is often the mistake, that the civil war, or (War of northern aggression) was fought over slaves. This is a mistake. Most of all that fought in the war did not own slaves. They were following a tradition of US citizens which did not want some far away govt telling them what they could do. Look at a global map and view the distance between England and the East coast of the USA, and then the distance between the states ;) Saluting the Confederate flag is not bad, depending on the context. Saluting it in memorial of the people who died in the war is very honorable. Saluting it in the name of independence is also honorable. Remember your own heritage is likewise honorable. If your saluting it in a racist way then yes that is bad.