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This is the complete answer. I am a Grammar Fanatic from Harvard and I know that the word capital came all the way from(DDDRRRUUUMMMRRROOOLLL) Neptune!!!!!

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Q: Where did the word capital come from?
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From what city does the word damask come?

Damaskus,capital of Syria.

What is the word for 'capital' in Hindi?

'RAJDHANI' is the Hindi word for 'capital'.

What is another word for capital?

Another word for Capital is goods.

Where do capital resources come from?

The capital of the country

How many sillables in the word capital?

There are 3 syllables in the word "capital".

How many syllables are in the word capital?

The word capital has three syllables. Cap-i-tal.

The capital of turkey is a long word--can you spell it?

The capital of Turkey is a long word can you spell it?

Where would capital income come from?

the capital incomecan come from the owners or investers or even a bank loan

Is the word capital an abstract noun?

The noun 'capital' is an abstract noun as a word for wealth, money, assets; a word for a concept.The noun 'capital' is a concrete noun as a word for a city that is a seat of government, an administrative center; a word for a physical place.

Why should you do a capital for the word i?

You should capital the word i because, um... uh... sry idk -,-

What state capital contain the word lake?

No state's capital name contains the word lake.

Does the word mammy get a capital M?

Unless it is the first word in a sentence. Otherwise - no capital letter