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Before Christ 200 years, Kachin people come from Mongolia.

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Q: Where do kachin people come from?
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Are kachin people Chinese?


What is Kachin State's population?

Kachin State's population is 1,270,000.

Where are the mountains of Myanmar?

in dawei , in shan state , kachin in dawei , in shan state , kachin in dawei , in shan state , kachin

When was Kachin Independence Organisation created?

Kachin Independence Organisation was created in 1961.

When was Kachin Baptist Convention created?

Kachin Baptist Convention was created in 1882.

When did German Kachin die?

German Kachin died on July 13, 1996.

What is the area of Kachin State?

The area of Kachin State is 89,041 square kilometers.

When was Kachin State Cultural Museum created?

Kachin State Cultural Museum was created in 1994.

How many tribes are there in KACHIN?

There are 6 tribes in Kachin. They are Jingpaw, Rhawang, Laowor, La Chik, Lee Su and Azee or also call Zai War. They are all 6 total Tribes of Kachin.

What has the author Oliver Byar Bowh Si written?

Oliver Byar Bowh Si has written: 'Solidarity and civil society' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Social structure, Kachin (Asian people) 'Half a century after Edmund R. Leach' -- subject(s): Religion and politics, Kachin (Asian people)

Where did the ruby come from?

The Mogok Valley in Upper Myanmar The most recently found ruby deposit in Myanmar is in Namya (Namyazeik) located in the northern state of Kachin.

What are the ratings and certificates for My Family Feast - 2009 Burmese Kachin 1-7?

My Family Feast - 2009 Burmese Kachin 1-7 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G