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Most live in Kuwait City Does this help? :-) -Dain

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the people live in Kuwait are 754,965

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Q: Where do most people live in Kuwait?
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How many people live inside of Kuwait capital?

It was estimated that 32,500 people live in Kuwait city (capital), in 2005.

Were the cobra towers Kuwait ever built?

no,, i live in Kuwait and there is no such tower.

How many Bangladeshis live in Kuwait?

Year PLs. Otherwise many live and work in Kuwait. They are tens of thousands

What do the people believe in Kuwait?

The people in Kuwait are mostly Islamic and follow that belief system

How does Kuwait get most money from?

Kuwait gets most of its money from selling oil to other countries

Which sport is popular in Kuwait?

Football is the most popular sport in Kuwait

What is the desert's name in Kuwait?

The Arabian Desert covers most of Kuwait.

What can Kuwait do to Iraq?

They can freking blow it up and screw the people of Kuwait

What country felt most endangered when Iraq invaded Kuwait?

Probably Kuwait...

What is a fact about Kuwait?

I actually have 2 facts, one is Kuwait is one of the most wealthy countries, and Kuwait have alot of oil.

Where do most dogs live?

Most dogs live in people's houses.dogs live in house where people live

What countries are Kuwait most friendly with?

Kuwait and Korean people are friend's, they have been playing soccer matches together and there are resterants mixed in one,korean and kuwaiti. By the way you should be a muslim!