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The Scottish Parliament meets at the Scottish Parliament Building in Holyrood, Edinburgh. If they are in England on government business they meet at the Palace of Westminster in London.

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Q: Where do the members of the scottish parliament meet when in England?
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Were does the Scottish parliament meet?

The Scottish Parliament meet in building located in the Holyrood area of central Edinburgh. Scotland.

How many members does the Scottish Youth Parliament have?

It has 150 members. They are between the ages of 14 and 25 years old, and they are elected to serve. They meet about 3 times a year, and choose particular themes and issues for which they advocate. The Scottish Youth Parliament have their own website, which lists their achievements and activities in more detail. Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament use the abbreviation MSYP, and according to the website, their structure is as follows: "We have at least two elected Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) per Scottish Parliamentary constituency, with another 50 from national voluntary organisations."

Did some kind of independence for Scotland from England happen in 2004?

The most recent "kind of independence" I'm aware of occurred in 1999, when the Scottish Parliament was established.In 2004, the Scottish Parliament building was completed and opened, but this didn't change the authority of the Scottish Parliament in any way, simply gave them a permanent building to meet in (from 1999-2004 they had met mostly in the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh, and had rented some additional space from the City of Edinburgh for offices).

What is the national assembly in Zambia?

It is their parliament, where elected members meet to represent the people and where the government is.

What did the English bill of right state that parliament should do?

meet frequently, and have members who were freely elected

How did parliament emerge victorious in the struggle for political power in england?

Parliament could insist that the monarch meet its demands before voting for taxes.

How did Parliament emerge victorious in the power struggle for political power in medieval England?

Parliament could insist that the monarch meet its demands before voting for taxes.

Which legislative body can enact same-sex marriage legislation in Scotland?

The Scottish Parliament is empowered to legislate on specific "devolved matters" which have been delegated to it from the Westminster Parliament (the Houses of Lords and Commons that meet in London). Also, the Scottish Parliament is authorized to legislate on any matter which is not specifically reserved for the Westminster Parliament. Certainly, the Westminster Parliament can pass any law it wishes and that law can be applied to Scotland. However, it appears that marriage law is not among the list of "reserved matters" and that the Scottish Parliament could, therefore, alter the legal requirements for marriage within Scotland. In any case, it was the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood that enacted a same-sex marriage law on February 4, 2014.

Eligibility of member of parliament of India?

The Parliament of India is made up of two houses, the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Members must be citizens of India and meet certain other requirements. The minimum age of members of the Lok Sabha, which is the lower house, is 25, and 30 for the Rajya Sabha.

What capital does the Canadian Parliament meet in?

The parliament in Canada meets in the House of Commons. The Canadian constitution requires parliament to meet at least once in a year.

How many members of legislative assembly in Canada?

The Parliament of Canada consists of the Queen (represented by the Governor General), an Upper House (the appointed Senate), and a Lower House (the elected House of Commons). The Senate has 105 senators, and the House of Commons has 308 members.

Where does the municipal meet?

Parliament hill