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It depends on where you are. Check the phone book for gun ranges, or check with the NRA for a local instructor.

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Q: Where do you take a hand gun safety course?
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Is gun the solution to all problems?

No, of course not. But a gun can be a solution to some problems.

What does a Cabinet member gone native mean?

A cabinet member going native refers to when a cabinet member places all his priorities above the president. If a cabinet members focus is on gun safety, he will try and fight for the president to sign gun safety laws before he does anything else.

How long did it take a machine gun to load during the revolutionary war?

you are a moron. the machine gun was invented long after the revolutionary war.

Should the government take away your guns?

No they shouldn't be aloud to take away are guns. But they should make sure that you are all there in the head before giving anyone a gun. But that won't get rid of gun violence, because people buying guns legally aren't the problem, for the most part.

What are independent party views on gun control?

Independents are moderates when it comes to gun control. Most are pro gun, but believe in harsh restrictions/stipulations against certain elements such as criminals; felons; legally insane; and those with active protective orders against them. For law abiding citizens, Independents believe citizens should undergo background checks and should complete firearm safety courses/classes. Independents sit in between Democrats & Republicans. Democrats are usually against gun ownership (not all) and Republicans usually are pro gun and believe anybody and everybody should be able to own a gun (not all) while the Independents, as stated before, are moderates.

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How do you buy and own licensed gun in Indonesia?

You can own a hand gun in indonesia. You must first take a safety course. Then you must buy your gun, and be registered as a gun club member. And you are purchasing it for security. Or you must claim it is for hunting purposes Once you have the permit. It is legal to openly carry your hand gun in public.

Would there be less self caused gun accidents if you took gun safety?

Anyone who has a firearm should take a gun handling and safety course. Guns don't shoot themselves.

How do you load and shoot pump action shot gun?

You should really take an NRA safety course

Is there a safety on a ladies 38 caliber smith and Wesson hand gun?


How do you gun?

You start by taking a firearms safety course from a qualified instructor.

Can you take a MA gun safety course at age 14 and still count for when you are 15 for a fid card?

Yes you can. I did that exact thing and it was fine for me.

Is a gun safety class required in Illinois?

No, Illinois does not require a gun safety class to own a firearm. However, it is highly recommended for gun owners to undergo a safety course to ensure they know how to handle and store their firearms responsibly.

How old to take a gun safety class?

You can be any age.

How old do you have to be to take gun safety in MN?

11 or older.

Is shooting guns therapeutic?

Yes it is! I wouldn't choose a living target, but it does relieve stress. Please! Take a gun safety course, before discharging ANY firearm!

What are some good books for the novice gun owner?

if you are a novice i recommend you start with a gun safety course - hands on gun safety training from an expert is much better than any book - then ask the trainer for advice about further study about your specific gun and needs

How do you take a hand gun from person?

very carefully