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On the presidential residence, known as Los Pinos, in Mexico City.

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Q: Where does President Felipe Calderon Live?
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What country is Felipe Calderon president of?

Mexico. Felipe Calderon is the president of Mexico.

What does Felipe Calderon do?

Felipe Calderon is the president of Mexico and as such performs all of its required duties.

How long will Felipe Calderon be president?

Felipe Calderon will be president for a single 6-yearterm, from 2006 December 1 to 2012 November 30.

When was Felipe Calderon elected president of Mexico?

Felipe Calderon was elected in the 2006 July 2 election. He became the president on 2006 December 1.

Is mexico ruled by a president?

yes it is , as of 2011 the president is Felipe Calderon

Does Mexico have a president or a king?

A President. Felipe Calderon, is the current President of Mexico.

Where does felipe calderon live?

New Mexico

Who holds the title of leader for Mexico?

Felipe Calderon - president.

When did Felipe Calderon die?

Felipe Calderon is still alive.

Why is Felipe Calderon important?

He is the current president of Mexico (2006-2012)

Birthday of Mexico President Felipe Calderon?

August 18 (1962).

Does former Mexican President Felipe Calderon support same-sex marriage?

President Calderon has publicly stated that he opposes same-sex marriage.