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It goes back to both house of Congress to be amended and compromise language to be voted on before sending it back to the President for his signature. There are times, because of the calendar, that the bill will languish for months if not for years! It really depends on how popular the bill is. Both houses have to agree to the bill which they do when they come together for a conference to work out the differences and then if possible, send to the President. It can be a very laborious process.

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Q: Where does a vetoed bill go?
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What president vetoed the civil rights bill?

Andrew Johnson vetoed the post-Civil War bill.

Is a vetoed bill an adverb or an adjective?

The word bill is a noun, and the word "vetoed" is an adjective. It means not accepted by the executive (e.g. the president).

What was the last bill vetoed by a president to go back to congress and become a law?

Probably the 2008 Farm Bill. That was less than 2 weeks ago.

What is an example of a vetoed bill passed by the congress?

bush and the stem cell bill

If a bill passes both houses of congress does it become a law?

no. the president is the third part it has to go through. but if he vetoed it they can override him.

Which president vetoed the Bonus Bill?

James Madison

Which US president vetoed a bill just to have that bill overturned by congress in less than 24 hours and what was the bill?

Andrew Johnson is the US president that vetoed a bill just to have it overturned by congress in less than 24 hours.

Why did the Wade-Davis bill not become a law?

It was pocket vetoed by President lincoln.

What did jackson do when the bill to renew the bank's charter came to him for his signature?

He vetoed the bill and sent it back to Congress.

Was the McNary-Haugen Bill successful?

No, because it was vetoed by Coolidge.

What was the fate of the wade Davis bill?

It was ppocket Vetoed by President Lincoln [;

Where does a state bill go once passed by the house?

It goes to the senate. If there are any differences in the house and senate version they are worked out in committee before the bill goes to the governor.