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it starts in Vancouver and ends in Ottawa Canada

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Q: Where does the Canadian Pacific railroad go?
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Two railroads that built the trancontinental railroad?

The two railroad companies the built the trancontintal railroad were the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Rail Companies.

How was the Canadian pacific railroad connected to other provinces?

By rail.

Who is the Soo Line Railroad owned by?

Canadian Pacific Railway

Who is the founder of the canadian pacific railroad?

sir john A macdonald

How many provinces were part of Canada when the Canadian pacific railroad was completed?


What is the exact length of the Canadian Pacific Railroad in miles and kilometers?

5468 km.

How many years had Canada been a nation when the Canadian pacific railroad completion?


How many years had Canada been a nation when the Canadian Pacific Railroad was completed?

18 years

Where did they build the Canadian pacific railroad?

through lower Canada . from Montreal until Port Moody .

What immigration group helped build the Canadian pacific railroad?

Chinese immigrants played a significant role in building the Canadian Pacific Railroad. They were recruited to work on the construction of the railway in the late 19th century, facing harsh working conditions and discrimination during the process.

What is the approximate length of the Canadian pacific railroad in miles and kilometers?

approximately 14,000 miles (22,500 km)

What immigration group help build the Canadian railroad?

The Chinese were asked to help build the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Many original tracks that dodged the mountains have been relayed to make a safer and newer route.