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He doesn't work in the White House. Congress tries to separate them so if there is an assassination only one of them gets it.

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Q: Where does the vice president work in the White House?
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What was the purpose of the twenty fifth amendment?

if the president dies or leaves office, the vice president becomes president. Then the new president then chooses another vice president. Both the senate ant the house of representatives must approve of the choice. it also gives the vice president a role in determining whether a president is able to go back to work(Clarify the presidential line of succession.)

How does the 25th amendment work?

The 25th amendment to the Constitution refers to what happens if a President dies or resigns from office. It says that the Vice President takes over for the President if he is unable to do his duties.

For what reasons is the vice presidency so lightly regarded?

The Vice President's entire role is: 1) become President if the President dies, 2) preside over the Senate, 3) cast a tie-braking vote in the Senate. 4) help out with whatever the President lets him do. Presidents don't die in office very often, so role #1 is not very important. In practice, the Senate is actually run by the Majority Leader instead of the Vice President, so role #2 is a mere formality and not at all important. Most important Senate work is crafting legislation and voting in committees instead of voting on the Senate floor, and even then, the Vice President cannot vote to end a filibuster, which is realistically the only way to get something through the Senate anyway. Most of the Vice President's power comes from role #4. In other words, the Vice President's power is almost entirely dependent on the whim of the President.

Which of these men became president when Abraham Lincoln died in office?

Lincoln's Vice President, Andrew Johnson, took office upon the death of Lincoln.Andrew Johnson of Tennessee. He was president from 1865-1869.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson became president after Lincoln's' death.Andrew Johnson.Andrew Johnson was sworn into office after the death of Abraham Lincoln.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson, the vice-president, became president upon the death of Lincoln.His Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was a War Democrat that Lincoln included on his National Union ticket after the Radical Republicans nominated John C. Frémont instead.Vice-president Andrew Johnson became the President .Vice President Andrew Johnson assumed the Presidency after Lincolns' assassinationVice president Andrew Johnson took over in 1865 when President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 (also Good Friday).- Johnson, the VP, took office upon Lincoln's death.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson.When President Lincoln died as a result of being shot, Vice-President Andrew Johnson was sworn in as President. Prior to this, he had been an alderman, mayor, member of Tennessee Legislature, member of US House of Representatives, Governor of Tennessee, member of US Senate and Vice-President. He served only one term as President, 1865-1869.Vice President Andrew Johnson.Andrew Johnson was sworn in after Lincolns death.Andrew Johnson

Why do you think presidents in recent years have given vice presidents more responsibilities?

In recent years, the President has been more instrumental in choosing the vice-president. In most cases, he picks someone he can work with and whom he trusts. Therefore, he is williing to assign him important missions. Also, the workload on the President has increased - he has more need to have someone he trusts to perform some the duties that Presidents used to do themselves.

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Is the Vice President a member of the White House Staff?

yes I'm pretty sure because the white house is really big and the president and vice president always work together to do avything

What is the White House staff?

The black santa. who likes white stuff. via white house ^^^ Ok, whoever gave this answer is a F@#$%^& A$$hole. The people that work in the white house are and i quote the president, the Vice-president, and the presidents advisors (His cabinet). There your answer :)

Where did Thomas Jefferson's work?

@ the White House as the President

In what building does the president work?

The building that the president work in is the White House

Who lives in The White House besides the president?

# Technically the only other people that live in the white house are members of the secret service. However, many other people work there who don't necessarily live in the white house # The Vice President does not live in the White House - he or she has a completely different house a couple of mile away to ensure that if the White House is attacked the Vice President is not harmed. # Likewise, the White House staff live elsewhere and commute to work, including the Secret Service. # White House staff such as cleaning/cooking staff live in the White House and Special Guests are also invited to stay temporarily. More information: The name of the Vice Presidents residence is Number One Observatory Circle. See the "Related Links" section below for more information.

Do people that work in the White House live in the White House?

Only the President.

What building that the president work in?

The President has his office in the White House, where he lives.

The presidents closest advisers within the executive office of the president work in?

the White House

How many people work for the president in the white house?

About 500

Who takes over if the president is absent?

The vice president becomes President if the President dies or is removed from office . There are also procedures by which the vice-president can temporarily assume the duties of president, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Where do the president's closest advisors within the executive office of the president work?

The White House

Where do presidents work?

the president lives in the white house he also works in the white house and visits all arount the world