Where is Sheba?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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A:No one knows where the nation of Sheba was, or even if it really existed. The only independent mention of it is in the Old Testament Book of Kings, which refers to a Queen of Sheba visiting the fabulously wealthy King Solomon in Jerusalem. However, this appears to be a legendary account intended to demonstrate the importance of an ancient king, rather than a historical record. Christian and Islamic sources speak of Sheba, but appear dependent on the original Judaic account.

The former imperial family of Ethiopia claims to be descended from the offspring of the Queen of Sheba by King Solomon, on the basis that Sheba was the ancient name of Ethiopia. Once again, this claim is more likely to be based on puffery than fact.

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Means "oath" in Hebrew. This is the name of several characters in the Old Testament. Also in The Bible this is a place name, referring to a region in Ethiopia. The queen of Sheba visited Solomon after hearing of his wisdom.

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During the reign of King Solomon about 1000 BC, Sheba was a kingdom in northeast Africa. It comprised the present areas of Egypt and Ethiopia.

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Q: Where is Sheba?
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