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Silver is found in elemental form. It has also been found in ores such as Horn Silver and Argentite. The sources for commercial silver (such as jewelry and serving ware) come from copper-nickel, copper, lead-zinc ores, gold and lead. It's drawn from the sludge of anode wastes that come from electronic copper refining.

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Q: Where is silver found and in what form?
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Is silver found in pure form?

Silver is most commonly found as its oxide in their ores.

Why are gold and silver not found as an ore?

Because silver and gold are native metals that are found in its pure form as they are unreactive!

Is silver found in a compound form or in a pure element form?

Usually it is found in compound form but can easily as a pure element, just depends on the conditions

What three metals can be found in their native form of nature?

Copper, silver, and gold.

Where was silver first found?

silver was first found in the ancient times no one knew when they found it.silver was first found back in the ancient times. In 4000 B.C. it was found in nugget form and was used to make utensils and ornaments.

What does silver nugget found in the earth mean?

A nugget is a lump of metal which is naturally formed by heat in the earth. A silver nugget is a lump of naturally formed silver in metallic form. Nuggets of all kinds are only ever found in the earth.

When was silver found?

Silver was found in ancient times

What places in the world is silver found in?

where can silver be found on earth?

Where is silver found in Canada?

Silver is found mostly in Ontario

Where was the element silver found?

The element silver was found in the 700 bc.

Where is silver found in nature?

Silver is generally found in rocks, and as a constituent of minerals like acanthite. It can also be found near the surface, in soils and sands, in nearly pure masses, or nuggets, from tiny to hundreds of kilograms, which have been torn from their host rock and smoothed and rounded by glaciation or rivers.

How is silver found?

Silver is found as free metal, or in minerals of other metals.