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Q: Where is the Mother Race That The Speaker Mentions from?
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Can a blood transfusion in a mother affect the race of a child born to that mother?

Absolutely not! Race is genetic, determined by the characteristics of the mother and the father. A blood transfusion (from whatever race) will not change the genetic makeup of either the mother or the child.

Who was Jabez's mother?

1 Chronicles 4:9 mentions the mother of Jabez, but does not give her name.


The speaker is a mother speaking about how hard life is to her son.

Who is the speaker in the poem we wear the mask?

The Black (or Negro) race as a whole. They hide their true feelings from others (the white race as a whole).

In I dwell in Possibility Dickinson's speaker mentions?

In "I dwell in Possibility" by Emily Dickinson, the speaker mentions the idea that poetry allows for limitless freedom and creativity. Dickinson uses the metaphor of a house to contrast the limitations of reality with the infinite possibilities of the imagination. The poem celebrates the power of poetry to offer endless potential and a sense of liberation.

Can you inherit property from your mother-in-law?

You can inherit property from your mother-in-law if she mentions you in her will by leaving a gift. If she dies intestate, or without a will, you are not her legal heir.

Which sentence best analyzes the poet's use of allusion in this passage?

The speaker mentions Hamlet to show how he comes to terms with indecision and makes a stand

Who determine who will serve on each congressional committee?

Your Mother.

Who is known as the ''mother of the Iditarod trail sled dog race''?

Dorothy Page is known as the "mother of the Iditarod trail sled dog race."

What happens to the speaker to the mother in a voice?

In poetry, the speaker typically refers to the voice or persona that the poet uses to express their thoughts and emotions. The term "mother tongue" may refer to the language one learns from their mother or the language commonly spoken in one's household. Together, these might suggest that the speaker is reflecting on how their mother's voice, language, or influence has shaped their identity or worldview.

How does the speaker in 'The Courage That My Mother Had' feel about the golden brooch that her mother left to her?

The speaker in 'The Courage That My Mother Had' feels impressed by the physical beauty of the golden brooch but struggles with its sentimental value, feeling uncertain about whether she can live up to the courage and strength that her mother possessed.

What determines the race of a newborn?

The race of a child is determined by the race of the father.