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Mr Pass and Mr Stow recast the Liberty Bell after it cracked in 1753. The bell had to be cast three times and was eventually hung in the Steeple of the State House in Philadelphia. I am informed that the Bell is in the House of Pass and Stow, being the Steeple of State House. That is unless someone has a different explanation...........

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Q: Where is the house of Pass and Stow?
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When was Eells-Stow House created?

Eells-Stow House was created in 1720.

Why did the Liberty Bell say pass and stow?

Pass and stow where the two last names of the two people who did the recast of the bell. Afterwards the bell hung in Independence Hall.

What has a large crevice that is the result of the recast by pass and stow?

The Liberty Bell has a large crevice. This crevice is the result of the recast by Pass and Stow Company.

What two men cast the Liberty Bell?

John pass and john stow casted the liberty bell after it first cracked

What does the Liberty Bell say in it?

Pass and stow PhiladA

When was John pass and John stow born?


What rhymes with know sow stow but means pass it on?


What Pass and Stow what is the rest on the Liberty Bell?

cast the bell

Who is the connection between john pass and john stow and the Liberty Bell?

They never cracked it! John Pass and John Stow were important men. The liberty bell cracked when it first rang.Then some people tried to fix it but it never worked. Then the people left it alone. If you look in a picture in IMAGES and write LIBERTY BELL you will see their name on it!

How did Liberty Bell get its crack?

When the bell was first cracked, the bell was rebuilt by John Pass and John Stow of Philadelphia. Pass and Stow added copper to the composition of the alloy used to cast the bell, the sound of the bell was unsatisfactoy. So Pass and Stow recast the bell again, and this third bell is the one that was hung in the steeple of the state house in 1753. It is not certain when the second crack appeared. The bell was retired shortley after in 1846.

Were John stow and John pass related?

yes they were married and attemped to have a baby

Who found Liberty bell?

The Liberty Bell was cast by Pass and Stow if that is what your asking.