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I haven't done this in a while, but I THINK it was in Skydye Heights (95% sure) since I haven't made a new game

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Q: Where is the roostar power up in starfy?
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Where is the upgraded form for roostar in the legendary starfy?

first section in 7-7. go up the current. cant miss it

How Do You Get Roostar?

You unlock Roostar in a level in World Six.

Where do you find Bunston's fifth power in the Legendary Starfy?

bunston doesn't have a fifth power....

Will there be a starfy 2?

You know the ledgendary starfy is the 5th game in japan is the sales for starfy are great they might let starfy stay in america which means if people buy more and more of the starfy games they will make another one.

When did The Legendary Starfy happen?

The Legendary Starfy happened in 2008.

When was The Legendary Starfy created?

The Legendary Starfy was created on 2008-07-10.

Sonic and Mario VsStarfy and Starly?

Mario And Sonic Saw dARK Pepole HDJKAS It Was Starfy and Starly OMGOMGOMG Battle Now 324! gO StarSpin FireBall SpinDash 1000000lOL hours Later Super Sonic&supermARIO Vs. Power Starfy&Power Starly Sonic used super blast OR CAOS CONTRLOL Starly and Starfy used ULTAMITE POWER sonic ueesd Caos baom Mario used Big Fire Ball That took them to the regalar forms LAVA RISING FLYPEPOLE STARFY MOE SOIC TAILS bUT it went into lava Part 2Comming Soon!

Why does Starfy come out on Super Princess Peach?

Could be either of the following: 1. Since the game was made in Japan and so was Starfy, they used it in the game. 2. The creators of Starfy helped Nintendo with the creation of the game and in return, put Starfy in the game. 3. It might not be Starfy at all, just a user of the same moves. That would explain the glasses (even though Starfy does like glasses).

When was The Legendary Starfy - series - created?

The Legendary Starfy - series - was created on 2002-09-06.

Will there be the legendary starfy 2?

Actually, The Legendary Starfy is the 5th game in Japan. If the sales for The Legendary Starfy are good enough, they might let Starfy stay in America. Took them 7 years to bring the cute guy to America because they claim he was to Japanese.

Is starfy a boy?

He sure is!

How do you defeat Mashtooth as Monstar in the Legendary Starfy?

You cannot and need to lose but have fun doing it! after that you must beat him as starfy