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The Upper Peninsula is part of the state of Michigan. It is bordered by Wisconsin and connected to the rest of Michigan by the Mackinaw Bridge.

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Q: Where is the upper peninsula?
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Is the elevation higher in the upper peninsula or the lower peninsula?

Is the scenic byway upper or lower peninsula

Is Michigan the Upper Peninsula lies south of the lower Peninsula?

Upper Peninsula lies North of the Lower Peninsula.

What is the main difference between the upper peninsula and the lower peninsula?

the difference is that the upper peninsula is up and the lower peninsula is low

What region is the upper peninsula in?

right above the lower peninsula... the upper peninsula isn't very well known. lansing and Detroit are both in the southern peninsula

Michigan consits of which two separate areas?

Michigan consists mainly of two geographic peninsulas, called the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. Michigan residents often refer to the Upper Peninsula by the abbreviation "U.P.", pronounced "yew-pee".

what state is divided in to two parts upper and lower peninsula?

Michigan has an upper and lower peninsula

Is lake gogebic on the upper or lower pinninsula of Michigan?

Lake Gogebic is in the western-most part of the Upper Peninsula.

Does the lower peninsula have a bigger population then the upper peninsula?

yes it does.

What is the name of the peninsula that streches out into the bering strait?

Upper peninsula

Why is the upper peninsula colder than the lower peninsula?


When was Upper Peninsula Brewing Company Building created?

Upper Peninsula Brewing Company Building was created in 1893.

What element used to be mined in the upper peninsula of Michigan . Several towns upper Peninsula are named after this element?