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why, what does it matter. people have the freedom to join and/or represent any party without fear of persecution. in this country its ok to call a German a kraut or a french man a frog, but not a Pakistani a paki. the racists are not in the BNP it seems.

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Q: Where to find British national party BNP members list?
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Do party labels inform voters?

To some degree they do. Party members almost always have the same views on many issues, so voters can at least infer some of the views a candidate holds. You have to be careful, though, just because someone belongs to a certain party does not necessarily mean that the person holds all of the same views as the party. You have to find out what the views of the individual candidates are regardless of the party they are in.

When did the Democratic-Republican Party break up?

The Democratic-Republican Party didn't die, in the sense that they simply faded as the Federalists had; they actively split the party into two new parties (National Republicans and Democrats) after the Presidential election of 1824 because of major ideological differences that became intolerable to members of the Democratic-Republicans. Some became National Republicans, who were similar to the earlier Democratic-Republican Party, and some became Democrats, who shared more in common with the old Federalist party.

Who was king caucus?

As far as I'm concern, "King Caucus" in politics refers to the process taken to choose a candidate for each party for the national party convention. The origin of this name it is because of the undemocratic choice of the candidate; however you can find more information in wikipedia: or in the Encyclopaedia Britannica: I hope this can help you! Bye

For what crimes did british charge George Washington?

because he was decided or commited to goodness and he realized the british had no desire to find truth but americadid.

Who is the leader of the democratic?

You mean the democratic party. There is no specific leader and it would be hard to determine who is. The best way to find out would be to have all the democrats vote but I doubt that it is going to happen. Because of that, I would like to mention the possibility of having the democratic canidates be democratic leaders. I suppose you could not chose just one but there are definitely many.

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In kingdom hearts how do you select party members?

Find a save point and go to the menu. There will be a "party" selection.

Why did Hitler find it difficult to recruit new members to his party?

He didn't. Eventually most of Germany belonged the the Nazi Party.

Where can one find information on Party Scouts?

The QSWP is a national active support unit which provides information and support to the scouts association and with the running of national scouting events.

Who founded the American party?

George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967)

Where can one find details of a British crime survey?

A person can find details of the British Crime Survey from several different places. Some of these places include the Office for National Statistics and the Economic and Social Data Service.

Could the Prime Minister of Great Britain be norwegian?

It's possible, but not very likely. The Prime Minister is the head of the UK Government and is appointed by the Queen. By convention, the Queen first invites the leader of the largest political party elected to the House of Commons, but he needs to be able to command a majority in the House. It would be possible for a Norwegian national (as an EU citizen) living in the UK to stand and be elected to parliament. His party could choose him as their leader and find themselves with a majority in parliament. Whether British voters would elect a a Norwegian or a party appoint one as leader is another matter. It's more likely that a Norwegian could become the British Monarch. King Harald of Norway is 65th in line to the British throne and followed by various members of his family. So if the King decides he is too busy, one of his children might take on the job.

HOW DO I FIND MY British national security number?

You can find your British National Security number on your pay slip, P60 or tax return. If you have none of these documents, you can contact the HM Revenue and Customs who will mail the number out to you. The HMRC may be contacted on 0300 200 3502.

Are there any 'Donner Party' photos?

There are a number of photographs of Donner Party members. Eleanor Eddy's and Sarah Keyes' photos were taken before they left for California. There is also a painting of Charles Stanton. There are also many photos of Donner Party members taken at different times after the disaster, some as early as the 1850s and some as late as the 1930s. You can find many of them by searching on "Donner party" at Google Images.

Where can I find party supplies for a duck themed baby shower?

There are many places to find party supplies for a duck themed baby shower. Try national retailers such as Party City or even Toys R Us. You can also try Oriental Trading, they have a nice selection and good prices.

Name the team of three members sent by the British Government to find a solution to the question of India's independence?

this team was called cabinet mission...............

Did the British soldiers find the colonists throwing the tea over on the night of the Boston tea party?

No, The soldiers were unaware of the colonists committing this act.

What are some websites that one can go to find British news?

One can find British news on the BBC website. While the BBC offers international as well as national news, they are by far the best site that offers news specifically for Great Britain.