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Lissa, Poland

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Q: Where was Haym Salomon born?
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Where did haym salomon die?


Was haym salomon a loyalist?


Who was Haym Salomon?

A successful banker in the revoltion.

Who arrested Haym Salomon?

the polish arrested him

Who was the Jewish immigrant from Poland who spied on the British in New York in 1776?

Haym Salomon

What did Haym salomon do in the Revolutionary War?

Please see

Was Haym Salomon rich or poor?

Haym was rich but gave out many loans during the revolutionary war so when he died at age 45 he left his family in debt of about $600,000

When was Hans Haym born?

Hans Haym was born in 1860.

When was Haym Soloveitchik born?

Haym Soloveitchik was born in 1937.

When was Rudolf Haym born?

Rudolf Haym was born in 1821.

What were some spies names in the revolutionary war?

Nathan Hale, Abigail Adams, Haym Salomon were all Patriot spies in the American Revolution

Where is the statue of Haym Salomon in New york?

In Chicago : Located along Wacker Dr. near Chicago River btw State & Wabash.