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Prince Henry the Navigator was born in 4 March 1394 in Porto, Portugal.

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Q: Where was prince henery the navigator born?
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Why is prince henery called prince henery the navigator?

Prince Henery was called Prince Henery the navigator because he had a school to help discover new water Routes .

What is the significance of prince Henry?

he came up with henery the navigator

Why was prince henery called henery the navigator?

He is famous for sponsoring voyages of exploration to Asia & Portuguese explorers were the first to sail to Africa's Gambia river because of prince Henry.It seems he never navigated

How did Henry the Navigator further exploration?

Kown as Henery the navigator, the prince never intended to become an explorer himself. Instead,he planned the voyages and then analyzed the reportsthat his crews brought home

Henery the Navigator?

Prince Henry (Henrique) the Navigator (1394-1460) was a Portuguese royal prince, soldier, and patron of explorers. Henry sent many sailing expeditions down Africa's west coast, but did not go on them himself.

Where and when was Prince Henry the navigator born?


Were was Prince Henry the navigator born?


Where Prince Henry the navigator was born?

Opoto, Portugal

Where Henry the navigator was born?

Prince Henry the Navigator was born in Portugal. This makes sense considering he was the son of the king of Portugal.

Who killed prince Henry the navigator?

who killed prince Henrythe navigator

What Day was Prince Henry Born the navigator On?

March 4, 1394

Where was prince henery from?

Generally speaking prince (name) of (country) is a bit of a giveaway, There are, however, exceptions. Without knowing which Henry by birth date and country he was a prince of or eventually king of (by regnal number) or epithet (navigator, fat, lion, etc) it's fairly impossible to give an accurate answer.