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In the related links box below, I posted the wikiarticle list on the united states Presidents. Scroll to the bottom where you will find each name of the Presidents in blue, visit each article for the birth place.

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None of them were. If the United States had already existed, they could not have founded it. Michael Montagne

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All but 8 were born in the U.S.

The U.S. did not exist at the time of their birth.

All but 8 were born in the Americas

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Q: Where were all the US Presidents born?
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What presidents were not born in US?

They were all born in the United States, though when the first few presidents were born, the US was still a British colony.

Who was the first English born President of the US?

No U.S. presidents were born in England. Many of the early Presidents were born British Citizens as being born in the Colonies, but all were born in what is now the US.

What is the Mother of the Presidents State?

Virginia has been called that, since 8 US presidents were born in Virginia, all before 1860.

The first five presidents of the US were washingtonjohn adamsThomas Jefferson James Madison and James monroe all but one of these presidents was born in the state of?

All of the first five presidents were born in Virginia, but John Adams. John Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Were any presidents born in Canada?

It is a requirement that US presidents be born in the US. So, no US presidents were born in Canada. Chester Arthur was born in Northern Vermont so close to the Canadian border that some people said he was actually born in Canada.

Age of death of all US Vice Presidents?

All US Vice Presidents are not yet dead.

Are there any US Presidents who were born in Alaska?

No US President was born in Alaska.

What presidents were not technically born in US?


Where were 4 US presidents born?

Washington ( # 1) , Jefferson (#3) and Madison (#4) were all born in Virginia. Adams (# 2 ) was born in Massachusetts.

What US state were 7 US Presidents born in?


How many presidents were from Montana?

There were not any presidents born in MontanaRead more: Were_any_presidents_born_in_Montana

What percent of US presidents was born in Kentucky?

As of June 2016, the only US president to be born in Kentucky was Abraham Lincoln. As the only one out of the 44, the percentage of US presidents born in Kentucky is currently at 2.27%.