Where were phones made?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where were phones made?
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How many Government phones can you have per household?

It's Believed To Be One Goverment Phone Per Household.

How was life before 1994?

Very Diferent- Fashion, Transport, Languge, etc === === Life before 1994 wasn't a lot different than it is now, with the exception of cell phones and the internet. Cell phones didn't become so common until the mid 1990's when they became so much less expensive and much more advanced. There are pros and cons to them: CELL PHONES Pros: Cell phones are a good change in many ways, but the most important is safety and security. Before cell phones were so common, there was always the worry of being stranded with car trouble, etc. Cons: It also made it more difficult to "get away from it all" if one's job or personal life demanded they be available at all times. With everyone having cell phones, it's a lot harder to just "get away" than it was before everyone had one. Also, traffic accidents are at a much higher rate, since so many people are talking and texting instead of paying attention to their driving and the other drivers. INTERNET Pros: The internet has proven a valuable medium for business, education and communication. People are able to share documents, letters, photos, information, etc. in real time, which is a tremendous convenience. It has also opened up a whole new avenue for income, not just for the home worker, but also for internet advitersers, etc. In addition, many friendships, as well as romances have begun after "meeting" others online. Cons: With the advent of the internet, many people have become less adept at "real communication", such as actual conversations; they prefer to just send an email rather than make a phone call, which tends to depersonalize relationships. Many people also become addicted to the internet (or at least certain web sites, such as porn). And there has been a rise in child pornography since it is so easy to obtain on the internet. And in the same vein, there have been many young people who were too trusting of strangers they met on the internet, and became victims of pedophiles, rapists, etc.

Why are there more likely to be more technical terms in a phone repairman's manual than in a television program guide?

Phone repair requires detailed knowledge of how phones work--

Was every thing made by mistakes?

No, a fair bit of items were made by mistakes but not everything was made by a mistake.

What were hornbooks made from?

Hornbooks were made from hairs of animals

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What were phones made to do?

Phones were made to communicate people easier.

Where is orange phones made from?

Orange Phones are made in UK.

What were phones first made of?

once upon a time phones were made of monkeys do believe this no

Where are Kyocera cell phones made?

The Kyocera phones are manufactured by Kyocera Communications. The phones are made in San Diego, California where the company is headquartered.

How were house made?

house phones were made in the year of 1932. These basic phones were made to withstand a car driving over it.

Were was the phone made?

phones were made in china

Make of phones?

The person who made phones was Alexander Graham Bell

Are there ceramics in cell phones?

There are no standard cell phones made explicitly from ceramics, however some cell phones do come with a ceramic holder. Most cell phones are made from plastics. Although there have been instances of artistically designed cell phones made from ceramics, see link below.

How are phones made?


What are phones made from?


Where are cell phones made?

=== ===

How was the cell phones originally made?

it was made unique