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Slave owners from the south. They were afraid of slavery being abolished.

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Q: Where were the majority of Texas settlers from?
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Who nled party of 300 American settlers into Texas?

who led 300 settlers into texas

When was Texas named Texas?

When we were opened for settlers.

What were us settlers in Texas called?

The US settlers in Texas called Tejano. This name means a native of Texas and was formerly known as Texano which means a Texan.

Why is Stephen F. Austin known as the father of Texas?

He took the first group of settlers to Texas to settle.

Why did US settlers in Texas want independence from the government?

Why did Mexican officials want to bring more settlers to Texas?because they were trying to colonize Texas and make it part of Mexico.

Why did Mexico want more settlers in Texas?

Because they had a low amount of settlers with them

How and why did Texas attract American settlers?

American settlers wanted oneaustin

What are the differences between Anglo and Mexican settlers in Texas?

Anglo settlers were colonist in Mexico and Mexican settlers weren't

Where can you find the Texas law pertaining to the legal age of majority?

The age of majority in Texas is 18.

How did Mexicans encourage Americans settlements in Texas?

Mexico needed American settlers to help defend its Texas frontier.

Who were the first settlers to Texas?

Gorge Washington

What were the requirements asked for the settlers Texas?