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President Kennedy issued Executive Order 10988 in 1962 which gave federal workers the right to join unions and engage in collective bargaining. Congress passed the Civil Service Reform Act in 1978 that established the legal steps that federal employees could use to join unions. Federal workers were allowed to join or not join, to assist recruiting or not assist recruiting, or to form or not form Unions. Once formed, a federal union and it's members could engage in all the activities of regular unions.

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Q: Which President gave government employees the right to unionize?
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Eugene V. Debs platform was that workers have the right to unionize. He was a Socialist, and ran for President in 1912. He earned 6% of the vote.

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Federal law forbids the military and government employees to strike, and the military is further forbidden to form unions. Similar to police and fireman being declared essential employees and not allowed to strike, government employees and the Armed Forces are equally 'essential.'

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The Wagner Act (The National Labor Relations Act of 1935) was created to protet workers' right to unionize. The National Labor Relations Board was created to enforce the NLRA and conduct secret ballot elections to determine if employees want to be represented by a union. It also investigates unfair practices by employers and unions. The act guarantees the worker his/her right to organize and bargain collectively with employers. The Act and the NLRB protect the rights of workers.

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Is it legal for employees to publicly complain about their jobs?

In the US - you certainly have the right and freedom to do so. However, if your job is in government or involves government work involving confidential or classified subjects - that might be a totally different story.