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Teddy Roosevelt started the idea of national parks in the US. if it weren't for him we wouldn't have the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone.

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2013-05-31 20:11:26
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Q: Which President is responsible for national parks?
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National parks such as are a result of the?

Department of the Interior. President Theodore Roosevelt was primarily responsible for the (Creation) of at least five National Parks.

American President instituted the National Parks and National Forests?

Two presidents are responsible for the establishment of the national parks and forest system. The were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

Which Progressive Era president was responsible for the establishment of national parks and reserves?

Theodor Roosevelt

What are the national parks that the Sierra Club is responsible for?

The Sierra Club does not manage any national parks. They are a special interest group with an interest in protecting national parks, but the National Park Service, a federal agency, is responsible for managing the national parks.

How did president Roosevelt help or hurt national parks?

Both Roosevelts only helped national parks.

What cabinet officer is responsible for national parks?

The department of the Interior

Which president founded national parks?

teddy roosevelt

Which cabinet officer would be responsible for national parks?

Dep. of the Interior

Who established national parks and millions of national forests?

President Theodore Roosevelt

Is creating national parks a power of the state government or the federal?

National Parks are made by the Nation's Government so it is the responsibility of the Federal government. States are responsible for creating State Parks.

What executive department is responsible for managing public lands and national parks?

The Department of Interior contains the National Parks Service. The National Forest Service belongs to the Department of Agriculture.

What president doubled the number of national parks?

Teddy Roosevelt

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