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Are you thinking of Nebraska, which has a unicameral legislature? That means there is only one house. Every other state has two houses, just like the US Congress. The upper house is usually called the Senate, but the lower house may be called the Assembly (in NY), the House of Delegates (in VA), or whatever.

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The California legislature has so much work that it meets continuously for each two-term session. Most State legislatures hold annual legislative sessions; they meet for several months every year and then adjourn. A few legislatures still follow the old practice of meeting every other year, but this system has become less practical as legislatures have become busier.

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The answer is Texas.... I think it is

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Q: Which State legislature meets continuously rather than annually?
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Does the Vermont state legislature meet annually or biannually?

It meets biannually.

When does the Arizona state legislature meet?

Arizona's Legislature meets annually. Up until 1950, it used to meet twice a year. The Arizona State Legislature was established in 1912 when Arizona became a state.

What is the difference between the State Legislature and the US Congress?

The difference between the state legislature and the congerss is that the state legislature is state legislature while Congress is national legislature.

One state created the most radically democratic of the new state regimes with power established in a unicameral legislature with annually elected members. What was the state?

Georgia!!!!!! This State has voted Most Democratically in the last four elections.

What was the Kentucky legislature?

Kentucky legislature is the State legislature of the u.s state of Kentucky

What is a reasonable explanation for the ease with which the some state constitutions can be amended?

Some state constitutions can be amended by a referendum, rather than by an act of the legislature.

The federalist proposed that the constitution should be ratify by popularly elected conventions rather than the state legislature's?


Vermont was the first state to do what when it comes to marriage?

Vermont was the first state to legalize gay marriage through legislature means rather than popular vote.

Who is responsible for dividing each state into the correct number of districts?

*State Legislature* *State Legislature*

Which state has a nonpartisan legislature?

Nebraska is the only state with a nonpartisan state legislature today.

Who submits a state budget to the legislature?

The Governor submits a state budget to the legislature:)

Who does State legislature's make laws for?

Every legislature makes laws for the citizens of its state.